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Get a DBA Buddy On Every Pull Request

PagerGuild continuously monitors the release pipeline so developers don’t have to be DBAs to do the right thing.

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How PagerGuild Works


Design for scale from day one.


Complete coverage prevents surprises.


Instantly adopt ai-generated enhancements.

Support Your Entire Stack

Don’t Wait For A Table To Lock

PagerGuild takes a proactive approach to prevent problematic schema changes.

Proactive Prevention

Detect performance degradation before schema changes are released. 

Data Driven Releases

Identify ideal times to release to minimize disruption for each database

Eliminate Bottlenecks

Automate reviews so releases aren’t delayed by Sr. Developers' bandwidth. 

Team Education

Share best practices to prevent similar issues from occurring in the future.

Continuous Review

Ensure every schema change is reviewed before release. No exceptions.

No More DIY

No need to write or maintain scripts to monitor for long running queries. 

Put Us To The Test Today

See how we can help avoid mistakes, delays and premature balding.

Before you run into scale problems, you will hit this. Most dbms dont like when a table is locked for even a minute. You have to really really think about each schema change."
A photo of Schuyler Brown, Founder, PagerGuild
Schuyler Brown, Founder, PagerGuild

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